The Art Gallery

Behind the lobby, at Le Consulat’s first floor you will find our Art Gallery. With eclectic temporary exhibitions curated by talented professionals, we want to show you the best Portuguese and International contemporary and emergent artists. At Le Consulat, we will bring back the old Chiado vibes of art gatherings. Guests or non-guests, everyone is welcome.

For us, it all starts with Art.

Art is the ultimate expression of human nature, what makes us creative beings and keeps us inspired and engaged. At Le Consulat you will have the chance to visit the best Visual Arts exhibits of emerging artists, carefully curated by the most talented professionals from Portugal and beyond. Expect to be surprised and to learn something new. Always.

Current Exhibition

  • We are working on the next exhibition and we’ll have fresh news very soon....

  • “A esperança vem do mar, não do túmulo”, provérbio irlandês. “Hope stems from the sea, not from the grave”, Irish proverb O meu primeiro contato com os Kennedy ocorreu no ...

Cultural Memories

  • Are you ready for another night at Le Consulat ? Join us on the 31st of August a

  • This group exhibition of Portuguese emerging artists aims to present the artisti

  • “Silence, valleys and echoes” features works by two Catalan artists,