This group exhibition of Portuguese emerging artists aims to present the artistic potential of names that have not yet get into the art market. Meaning, creators in the field of Visual Arts that are not represented by art galleries in Portugal, although they have already a consistent and pertinent work which worth to be known.

Panorama gathers 14 artists in total, all with specialised education, some still finishing their studies, but already with a developed curriculum of exhibitions. In this sense, the concept of emergent  is used without taking account of the age, since the artists presented are from different generations, which is the reason why some of them, come from other professional fields, having meanwhile decided to take artistic creation as their core activity.

It is proposed  a diversified overview on varied fields and mediums creation, from the fine arts till the the multimedia arts, with several unpublished works.  The exhibition starts with the new languages connected to digital arts and ends with the arts Phoenix, the painting, which have been, for different times vatacinated to death. However, as Arthur C. Danto rightly advocated, it never reached a point of internal exhaustion, surprising cyclically, according to Nietzsche, in “Eternal Return.”

Artists: Ana Caetano, Andreia Pinelas, Beatriz Albuquerque, Diogo Costa, Eduarda Rosa, Fernão Cruz, Henrique Frazão, Henrique Vieira Ribeiro, Inês Norton, João Gabriel, Marta Ramos, Natália de Mello, Nuno Godinho, Nuno Lacerda, Pedro Dias

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