Let’s meet creation!


Let’s meet creation!

Le Consulat - Let’s meet creation!

Le Consulat is located in an emblematic building in Lisbon: the former Brazilian consulate. Just like a real consulate, we’ve replaced diplomacy with art, cultural exchange and traditions that shape southern Europe. We offer our visitors and guests an innovative experience: combining luxury, art and creation all in one spot. Our doors will welcome new Portuguese talents who select one of their creations to be exhibited in each of our suites. And if you just have to have one, you can leave with any item you’d like as all of the work exhibited is available for sale.

Also invited to Le Consulat are creators from France, Spain and Italy so they can present their work and promote their cultural identity. These pieces will be exhibited in the various exhibit halls situated on the first floor.

Marie Blot

2017-03-20 09:49:41

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